Take Control of Your Life and Live Well Again

Nutrition isn’t a one stop shop.

Sure, you have heard that leafy greens and salmon are good for you. And, generally, that’s true.

But maybe you’re one of the millions of people suffering from migraines, IBS, digestive issues, skin inflammation, weight fluctuations or other problems caused by food sensitivities.

If you are, that means that even “healthy” or “anti-inflammatory” foods can cause harm and inflammation.

The salmon that is supposed to be good for your brain? Not if it leaves you running for the restroom. The milk that does your body good? Not doing your body good if it’s triggering migraines.

If you are tired of eating healthy but still feeling lousy, or taking a pharmacy’s worth of pills but not feeling real relief, maybe it’s time to try something new. 

If there was a way to find out which foods were best for YOU and which ones were not, wouldn’t you want that information?

I can help.

Working with results from a simple blood test called MRT we will work together to create a diet of the best foods for your body. Eliminating foods that cause inflammation means getting to the root of the problem, quieting down the inflammation and getting you back to living well.

No gimmicks. No expensive supplements. Just Real Food. 

What is it like working with Kate?

Identifying food sensitivities on your own is more than challenging. Food sensitivities can be dose dependent or time delayed. The amount of sleep or the level of stress in your life can also impact how food sensitivities manifest themselves.

Fortunately, there is a way to take out the guess-work and get to the bottom of your food sensitivities.

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) will tell which foods are the best for your body. Armed with the results of that test you and I will work together to develop a personalized LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) diet to reduce inflammation in your body. 

Once you eliminate foods that your body has sensititvities to your inflammation will calm down and you can expect to feel relief from those migraines, the fatigue, IBS/digestive issues and more. Life is stressful enough without having to worry about the foods you eat- with MRT and LEAP you won’t have to. 


Get to the root of your problem

What foods are doing more harm than good? Which are the best foods for your body? A simple blood test, the MRT, will give you the answers.


Create a personalized anti-inflammatory LEAP diet

Using the results from the MRT you and I will work together to build an anti-inflammatory diet that is 100% customized to your needs and tastes. Many people experience significant relief in just 2 weeks.


Get you eating normally again. 

Once the inflammation has subsided and you are living well again, we will work to expand your diet to get you eating as normally as possible while continuing to feel amazing. 

What is the MRT?

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) is a blood test that looks at how your immune system responds to 170 different foods and chemicals. Foods or chemicals that you have a sensitivity to will trigger an immune response. Food sensitivities can lead to inflammation and a variety of nasty symptoms.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more. 

Ready to get started?

Tired of trying to figure out which foods trigger a migraine, digestive woes or a general "bleh" feeling on your own? If you're ready to take control of your life and really get to the root of your problems, MRT and LEAP may be able to help.

Check out our packages and then contact us today to see if MRT and LEAP can help give you back your life.  

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