Mitochondria- Why keeping them healthy keeps your brain sharp.

 Mitochondria are getting lots of buzz lately and for good reason.  What are these tiny little buzzwords? They’re organelles located within your cells.  Interestingly, they were once an independent living organism, thought to be a kind of bacteria, that was engulfed by other cells and evolved to live symbiotically within the cells of humans animals, and plants (including […]

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When (and How) to Take Vitamins & Minerals

How do you know if you’re taking your vitamins and minerals at the right time? Even if you’re just taking a multi-vitamin or a prenatal vitamin once a day, figuring out the right schedule for it to fit into your life AND get the most out of that supplement can be overwhelming. Remembering to take your vitamins […]

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Toxic Overload: Why You’re Not Feeling Better on an Elimination Diet

Congratulations! You’ve started your elimination diet and you’re well on your way to identifying food sensitivities and feeling better. But, what if you’re not feeling better? You’ve done the MRT or you’ve constructed your list of inflammatory foods and you’re following it to a “T” but still feeling lousy.Remember, sometimes symptoms become worse before they get better (but keep […]

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How to Keep a Food Diary

A food diary is an important tool for helping you keep track of the foods you eat and your symptoms. If you do feel a return of symptoms, this is a great way to track down what may have caused them! Of course, like any tool, a food diary is only effective if used correctly.Rule Number […]

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How to read food labels for an elimination diet

Elimination diets can be a good way to identify food sensitivities. They help you pinpoint foods and chemicals that make you feel lousy and trigger IBS flare ups, migraines and more. It’s simple enough on paper:  Remove foods that are common triggers for symptoms ranging from eczema to IBS to migraines to fibromyalgia and the symptoms can […]

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What is an Elimination Diet? – Who is it for? Who is not for?

Are you tired of not feeling like yourself? Do you have headaches, nausea or discomfort? IBS? Migraines? What about stubborn weight that just won’t come off? Food sensitivities may be to blame. If that sounds like it could be you, read on…What are Food Sensitivities?Unlike food allergies, food sensitivities are not life threatening. But they can make your life miserable. Food […]

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What Foods Should You Eliminate During An Elimination Diet?

If you’ve ever thought about doing an elimination diet to pinpoint food sensitivities, you may have googled what to eliminate. Yikes. Where do you even start? Everyone has their own opinions and suggestions. Some say removing gluten or nightshades, dairy or histamines from their diets changed their lives.Does that mean you should give up all those foods? No. Let me explain: Everyone […]

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Migraines: How Food can Stop (and Start) Migraines

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you understand all about the painful, disabling pulsing threatening to split your head wide open. You know about the nausea and the intense desire for all sound, smells, and light to disappear. You may have even seen auras that can accompany the throbbing.  Although the symptoms may vary from […]

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