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Recommended for those with health problems from migraines to histamine issues, autoimmune disorders to gut dysfunction. If you’ve got a health puzzle, this is the package for you. I believe the body is designed to win and designed to heal- I can give you the tools to help it heal. I use nutrient analysis testing, genomics testing, organic acids testing and food sensitivity testing to help identify and treat the root causes and imbalances and get you back on track. We’ll also work to find a diet pattern that’s healthy for YOU and work on mind and body techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep, and create a healthy mindset. 

If you’re one of the millions of people suffering from migraines, IBS, digestive issues, skin inflammation, weight fluctuations or more caused by food sensitivities, even “healthy” foods can cause harm and inflammation.

If you're tired of eating healthy but still feeling lousy, or taking a pharmacy's worth of pills with no relief, it's time to try something new. 

The MRT is a blood test that identifies food sensitivities. Eliminating foods that cause inflammation quiets down inflammation & getting you back to living well.

Recommended for general wellness, those who want to avoid their inflammatory foods. The “healthy but curious” designed to help people avoid additives and kick the sugar habit.

A package designed to decrease intestinal permeability and heal the gut. This will also help to improve/tweak brain function. We’ll remove inflammatory mucosal irritants, replace digestive agents if necessary, work to replace the healthy gut flora with pre and probiotics and repair the mucosal lining. 

Have you heard about CBD oil? Are you interested in giving it a shot but not sure where or how to start? This ~1 hour consult will get you started! Here’s what we’ll cover

  • Learn how CBD can help, and find out if it’s right for your health concerns. 

  • Learn how to purchase high quality CBD and what to look for in CBD

  • How a healthy diet + CBD can improve various health concerns. 

  • Get an exclusive discount on CBD products!

Do you feel “off”? If you feel like something is wrong your doctor may order bloodwork. If it comes back “normal” she’ll give you the all-clear- but that’s not always the end of the story. Especially if you feel like something is wrong. You’re the world’s foremost expert on you, even if your lab results come back “normal” you may be headed for chronic disease. I can help identify any imbalances in the body and help you to get them back on track.

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